The Data of industrial production of electric and gas utilities in the United States were recorded from the years 1985–2018. This data measures the real output of all relevant establishments located in the United States, regardless of their ownership, but not those located in U.S. territories. We can find the data here.

How was the behavior of this monthly electric production data?

How about the electric production for the next 12 months?

There are several tools to analyze and get the model of time series data. In this article we’re gonna use two methods of time series analysis, ARIMA and…

This is one of SQL project in DQLab. There are four tables: ms_pelanggan, ms_produk, tr_penjualan, tr_penjualan_detail with fields and data type written below.

  1. Show list of products from ms_produk table which has price between 50000 to 150000. Column that must be displayed: no_urut, kode_produk, nama_produk, and harga.
SELECT no_urut, kode_produk, nama_produk, harga
FROM ms_produk
WHERE harga >= 50000 AND harga <= 150000;

Our objective is to filter products based on the price, so we use WHERE statement, we want the products to have price more than 50000 but less than 150000.

Problem Definition

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, total sales in e-commerce increased by 37%. Due to increasingly fierce competition between competitors, you and your Product Manager discussed how to stay afloat and compete in e-commerce industry. After that, you choose to create innovation or offers for users to keep choosing you as their online shopping media.

You are assigned to perform transactions-related analysis for new users' data. However, the problem is, our company is doing efficiency in managing promotional funds in 2021. As a Data Analyst, what kind of insights and recommendations you can provide to the company?

Data Set: Download…

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